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Asistencia de Cuenta

Customer verification is our direct obligation as a payment provider according to the KYC and AML requirements, as well as an inherent security measure. It is absolutely essential due to numerous cases of Internet fraud and the targeting of this industry by thieves and organized crime gangs. We have to deal with auction fraud, identity theft and phishing all the time and, since payments in digital currency are non-refundable, it is near impossible to retrieve stolen funds after a crime has taken place.
No, usted debe crear monederos adicionales en lugar de abrir una nueva cuenta. Esto tendrá el mismo efecto en términos de nuevas posibilidades, por ejemplo, para separar dos empresas independientes.
Once you enter all the information in your profile and upload supporting documentation, double check everything and make sure your documents meet the verification requirements. Then you need to Request Verification on the Verification page in order to place your request in the queue, additionally you can always go with the Express Verification option. Your request will be reviewed according with the regular or express queue position (within business hours). Please keep track on the verification request via support desk and provide corrections/additions to your profile information once asked to (use the automatically created verification ticket to communicate). We kindly ask you to avoid creating another support request to expedite your verification as it will only result in a delay in responding.
Please complete your account Verification by uploading photocopies of your documents. If your account is already verified and you current limits are exceeded, please contact Support Service to find out how to increase the limits.
Ingrese a su cuenta Weezzo y en la página Agregar Dinero proceda con una opción de Transferencia bancaria.
Depending on the document type, proceed to the appropriate section on the verification page and upload your documents. Update your personal information if needed in accordance with the documents you upload. We do not accept any documents via email or fax.
First of all you need to add your cell phone number to your Weezzo Profile » Phones section. Complete verification by entering a code. If you are experiencing difficulties receiving SMS messages on your mobile phone at your current location please click on Verify your phone.
El tipo de cuenta Weezzo (Personal / Business) se puede seleccionar en la pagina de Tipos de Cuentas.
Con el fin de obtener su cuenta Weezzo verificada necesita completar todos pasos de verificación requeridos. Por favor vaya a la Guía de verificación de Weezzo si usted está experimentando cualquier tipo de dificultades para configurar o verificar su cuenta.
Your Weezzo account ID is displayed in your account next to your avatar and under your name - in the upper left corner.
Please make sure your verification request is submitted by checking if the automatic verification ticket is assigned to your profile. Login to the support desk and check Weezzo Account Verification and/or Weezzo Address Verification tickets for new messages, comply with the requirements mentioned by our specialists and add your reply. This way you ensure yourself a smooth verification process.
According with Weezzo Legal Agreements we have to request additional confirmation documents on a regular basis as well as in certain cases of financial activity.
Express verification is a paid service which guarantees that your verification request will be review in the express queue (within our business hours). Please note that by ordering this service you still need to meet all the verification requirements.
Unfortunately, the user can not change the account ownership type from Corporate to Personal or vise versa. However, please feel free to contact our Support Service for further assistance.
You must notify us if You believe there has been or will be an error, unauthorized transaction, misappropriated or unauthorized use of Your Payment Instrument or You Account, by contacting our Support Service online via the Contact Us page by logging into the Secure Area of your Account. You must give us all the information in Your possession as to the circumstances of any errors, unauthorized transactions and/or misappropriated or unauthorized use of Your Payment Instrument or Account and take all reasonable steps requested to assist us in our investigation. We may provide third parties with information the Company considers relevant in such circumstances in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Asociado a Finanzas / Transacciones

Por favor, vaya a la página Añadir Dinero para ver todas las formas posibles de depositar dinero en su cuenta.
Por favor, vaya a la página Retiros para ver todas las formas posibles de retirar fondos.
There are no restrictions on the amount or number of incoming transfers. However, until your profile is Unverified - outgoing transfers (sending funds/payments) are limited to 300.00 EUR. Once your account is Verified you gain full access to the Weezzo features and outgoing monthly limits increase up to 100,000.00 EUR. These limits can be lifted furthermore by mailing notarized copies of your documents to our office. In some cases we may assign your account a separate limit category, e.g. as stipulated in a promotional campaign, etc.
It can take up to 3-7 business days to receive an international wire transfer. Also, the bank transfer can not be credited due to the fact that the sender specified incorrect or incomplete banking details (one of the main reasons is that Reference/Details of the payment section containing unique account identifier has not been specified). There's nothing to worry about as the funds cannot be lost in any way. Submit a Request and include the following information: sender beneficiary name, exact date of the transfer, exact amount and currency, account number you sent money to, receiver beneficiary name and comment included with your transfer. Be ready to provide a scanned wire transfer receipt requested at the sender bank. We will use this information to find your payment among all unidentified transfers. In very rare cases, if we won't be able to find a transfer, - sender will need to provide a SWIFT confirmation (requested at the sender bank).
The very first incoming wire transfer is funded in the hold status because of security reasons. As soon as the transfer is cleared and confirmed, operation status will change to completed. In some cases be ready to provide a bank wire trasnfer receipt or the most recent bank account statement.
Please note that all payments and internal transfers (Weezzo e-currency transfers) are instantaneous. Every time the payment is made a unique Weezzo transaction ID is generated and is displayed in your operations history. You can ask for the Weezzo transaction ID as proof of the sent payment or a transfer. Upon receiving Weezzo transaction ID please check your account history (balance) as well. Please note that if Sender refuses to provide you with the Weezzo transaction ID or gives you the fake one - most likely the payment was never made.
Debido a razones de seguridad, a fin de evitar que las operaciones no autorizadas algunas de las formas de pago (los retiros a través de un intercambiadores) se monitorean y se procesan de forma manual dentro de días laborales. Si no hay ningún problema con el pago - se completa lo antes posible. Pedimos disculpas por cualquier inconveniente causado.
With Weezzo you can send a simple cash transfer to any person in the world. In order to perform such a transfer, you have to select Cash Transfer under the Money Transfers tab in your account menu. Specify the recipient's information, location and amount, and complete the financial declaration. Once the transfer is processed, you will get a money transfer number which is necessary for the recipient to pick up the money.
With Weezzo you can receive a simple cash transfer from any person in the world. In order to perform such a transfer, you have to select Cash Transfer in the Account Top-Up section of your account. Find the nearest location and print the cash transfer receipt. Send funds according to the receipt (or ask a third party to send funds). Complete your transfer by entering the provided money transfer number upon sending funds.
Weezzo features full support of both standard wire transfer (account funding, withdrawal, payments, related banking services) and electronic banking systems. Weezzo users can perform transfers in multiple currencies in more than 200 countries worldwide with maximum convenience.
You can not only withdraw funds from your Weezzo e-wallet by wire transfer but also send bank transfers to practically any bank account in the world. Use the bank wire withdrawal form to enter the banking details and specify the beneficiary information. Frequently used banking details can be saved in your Profile for quick access. Select the appropriate transfer priority and charge instruction. Once you confirm the transfer, it will be processed by our bank during business hours.
Todas las transacciones electrónicas con moneda Weezzo son finales y no reversible. Sin embargo, ciertas opciones adicionales de pago disponibles a los comerciantes (tarjetas de crédito, banca en línea, sistemas de pago tercera partes, etc.) pueden tener devoluciones de cargos, por lo que esas transferencias pueden tener un cierto período de reserva y ser cancelada. Por favor tenga en cuenta esta información, mientras que aún está planificando un modelo de pago para su negocio.
Todas las transacciones electrónicas en Weezzo son no reversible. Si usted requiere un reembolso de un comerciante o tiene otro problema, por favor póngase en contacto con el receptor de los fondos directamente y solicte que le envie el dinero de nuevo a usted.
At the present moment we support bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. We do not plan to add new cryptocurrencies yet. However, please follow our news and social blogs to be aware of recent changes.
Please note that unverified accounts are only for demonstration purposes and have a very limited functionality. In order to fund an unverified account, you can use the services of Third Party Exchange Providers.
Please note that unverified accounts are only for demonstration purposes and have a very limited functionality. In order to withdraw funds you need to verify your Weezzo account.
Unfortunately, completed transactions can not be cancelled or reversed. However, if your outgoing payment is in the "hold" status (also sometimes possible with "pending" status) - that means the transaction has not been processed yet and can be reversed. Please contact our Support Service for further assistance.
In accordance with the required financial declaration all outgoing cash money transfers are processed and reviewed manually. Once the transaction and declaration are reviewed by our financial specialists, the "hold" status is removed.
Yes. Credit card processing is now available to Weezzo corporate account owners. Payments processing fees.
Depending on the sender country it can take from 2-5 business days to receive a bank wire transfer on our bank accounts. After that please allow 1-2 business days for it to be processed and funded directly to your Weezzo account. Make sure to double check the banking details and include the payment reference before sending a wire to ensure a smooth transaction experience and save time on processing.
You shall be entitled to a refund of the full amount of any payment transaction authorized by You and initiated by or through a merchant or other third party, provided the conditions applicable to a refund according to the accepted Terms of Service have been met.

Preguntas Generales

Yes, we have a multilevel referral program. In fact, if you already have an Weezzo account, you are all ready to start. Every time a member in your downline makes a transfer, you receive a percentage of the fees collected which is deposited directly into your wallet. Click on the following link to find more information about our Referral Bonus Program.
Always check that the website name on the browser location bar begins with (we use only subdomain names). Viruses can be delivered to your computer by just connecting to a web page with the help of a vulnerable web browser. Click on the padlock icon (on the left from the web address) to see if the SSL certificate is valid and matches the website.
Para restablecer la contraseña, tendrá que ir a la página Recuperación de Contraseña Perdida y seguir las instrucciones.
El Código de Verificación es una imagen generada de forma aleatoria que visualiza una serie de letras o dígitos. Si el usuario ingresa varias veces sus credenciales de manera incorrecta al intentar ingresar a su cuenta, verá un Código de Verificación y deberá reproducir sus letras y dígitos en el orden correcto para poder ingresar. El objetivo del Código de Seguridad es prevenir los ingresos automáticos y el crackeo de contraseñas por fuerza bruta.
Por favor, consulte al Servicio de Soporte para crear un ticket. Seleccione el departamento correspondiente y presente su solicitud, favr de pegar los mensajes de error en el cuadro de mensaje y adjuntar una captura de pantalla (s). Vamos a examinar el problema y responder lo más pronto posible.
We are pleased to extend our cooperation and will be happy to provide you with the best possible experience. Weezzo offers various opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation and earnings.
We are pleased to hear that you wish to become Weezzo e-currency exchanger. Please complete the Business Info section of your wallet properties and then register your service on the monitoring platform.
Con el fin de administrar la configuración de la dirección de correo electrónico vaya a la página de su Perfil» Correo electrónico. Añada una nueva dirección de correo electrónico, verifique y haga clic en el icono de la "casa" para que esta dirección se seleccione por "defecto".
El Sistema de seguridad Weezzo detecta el acceso a su cuenta desde otro país. Usted recibirá un código PIN de seguridad a su dirección de correo electrónico que es necesario introducir para continuar comprueba o la bandeja de entrada y la carpeta de correo basura / spam si no encontró el mensaje). Esta medida se establece de forma predeterminada para evitar cualquier acceso no autorizado y otras actividades en su cuenta.
First of all try requesting PIN again and wait for the code to arrive at least for 10-15 minutes. If the code is not received again you need to take a picture of yourself holding your identification document and attach it to your support request (sample of the photo ID). We will call you and help you to restore account access. Please note that 10 EUR account restoration fee is applied in this case. We strongly recommend using the PIN Generated by Auth Device option to avoid such situations in the future.
Estamos encantados de ofrecerle la oportunidad de anunciar su negocio en la comunidad Weezzo. Los servicios disponibles incluyen una lista de empresa en la sección del mercado, promociones y concursos conjuntos, así como la publicidad en el sitio web de Weezzo. Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con nuestro Servicio de Soporte.
This is definitely the most secure and stable method of two-factor authentication. You are not dependent on the cellular network to receive SMS codes or your email address which can be compromised. Your cell phone is always at hand which allows you to access your Weezzo account hassle-free at any time and any place of the world.
If You have a complaint to make about Weezzo, You may choose to escalate it by reviewing our Complaints Policy.
Contact Weezzo First. If a dispute arises between us, our goal is to learn about and address Your concerns and, if we are unable to do so to Your satisfaction, to provide You with a neutral and cost effective means of resolving the dispute quickly. Disputes between us regarding our Services may be reported to Support Service online via the Contact Us page at any time and by logging into the Secure Area of your Account.
It is very important that You immediately notify us if You have reason to believe any of the following activities have occurred: (i) there has been an unauthorized transaction sent from Your Account; (ii) there has been unauthorized access to Your Account; (iii) Your password or PIN has been compromised; (iv) any device You have used to access the Services has been lost, stolen or deactivated, or (v) someone has transferred or may have transferred money from Your Account without Your permission (this includes where You link Your Account with a third party platform (including a site or app), to make payments directly from that platform, but a payment was made from Your Account for a transaction via that platform that You did not make) (collectively called “Improper Account Access”). You must also immediately notify the Company if You have reason to believe that any other error has occurred on Your Accounts. In order for You to notify us immediately of any of the above events, we strongly recommend that You monitor Your Account closely on a regular basis.
We will advise You of the results of our investigation within twenty (20) Business Days after we receive a notice from You. If we has made an error, we will correct it promptly. If we need more time, however, we may take up to sixty (60) Days to investigate Your complaint or question. If we decides that it needs more time, it will provisionally re-credit the Your Account for the amount we think is in error within ten (10) Business Days after we receive a notice from You; so that You will have use of the E-money during the time it takes us to complete its investigation.
At the end of investigation, we will advise You of the results within three (3) Business Days. If we determine that there was no error, we will send You a written explanation and it may debit any provisional credit that it previously credited to You in relation to the alleged error. You may ask for copies of the documents that we used in our investigation.
Where we believe in our reasonable opinion that further investigation is required to ascertain more clearly the circumstances surrounding the reported Improper Account Access, we will follow the same process as set out above for such investigation.
If we discover a processing error, we will rectify the error. If the error resulted in Your receiving less money than You were entitled to, Weezzo will credit Your Account for the difference. If the error results in Your receiving more money than You were entitled to, Weezzo may debit the extra funds from Your Account. If a payment was made to Your Funding Source by way of mistake, Weezzo may correct the mistake by debiting or crediting (as the case may be) Your appropriate Funding Source(s). If the error resulted in our not completing a transaction on time or in the correct amount, we will be liable to refund any amount as a result of carrying out a defective or non-executed payment transaction and for Your losses or damages directly and reasonably foreseeably caused by this failure, unless:
  • through no fault of us, You did not have enough available funds to complete the transaction,
  • Weezzo`s system was not working properly and You knew about the breakdown when You started the transaction, or
  • circumstances beyond our control (such as fire or flood or loss of Internet connection) prevented the transaction, despite our reasonable precautions.
We will not seek to hold You liable for any unauthorized use of Your Accounts by any person provided that we are satisfied that You have not acted deliberately so as to enable any third person to gain access to Your Weezzo ID and/or password/PIN or to Your device while You are logged into the Services. We will hold You liable for unauthorized use of Your Account if we have evidence that suggests: You acted deliberately so as to enable any third person to gain access to Your Weezzo ID and/or password/PIN; You acted fraudulently; or You have with intent or gross negligence failed to comply with Your obligations to use Your Payment Instrument in the manner set out in the accepted Terms of Service.
We will not be held liable for the non-execution or defective execution of a payment transaction if You have failed to notify us of such an incorrectly executed payment transaction without undue delay, or in any event no later than within 13 months after the debit date, on becoming aware of such incorrectly executed payment transaction.
If You report that there has been an Improper Account Access related to Your Account, and there is no evidence to suggest fraud or deliberate or grossly negligent behavior by You, we will reimburse You in full for all unauthorized transactions sent from Your Account provided that You have informed us of the Improper Account Access without undue delay and in any event, no later than 13 months after the first Improper Account Access transaction was executed.

Comerciantes / Preguntas Técnicas

We impose restrictions for certain types of commerce mentioned in our Merchant Terms And Conditions.
Por favor, vaya hasta la sección de Desarrolladoress par aobtener información más detallada. Ejemplos para diferentes lenguajes de programación también están disponibles. Usted puede encontrar los enlaces de pago común y soluciones de botón en el Manual General.
Sign Up for your free Weezzo account, select the Business account type and complete appropriate verification procedures. To set up your business settings check your Wallet Properties. Before you start Weezzo integration, it is recommended to study the manuals and guides of the Developer Center.
Make sure to select a Business account type. Merchant settings can be found in your Wallet Properties: Business info, Payment preferences, Payment methods, Business practice and Integration tabs. Setup merchant preferences according with your business model. Additional integration information can be found in the Developers section.
Ingrese a su cuenta Weezzo, encuentre la transacción usted quiere devolver en la pagina general de Mi Cuenta. Encuentre la cantidad que recibió y utilice la opción de Enviar Dinero par adevolver los fondos al cliente usando el correo electrónico o el número de Billetera de Weezzo.
We impose restrictions on certain types of commerce mentioned in the Terms of Business. Please refer to these requirements as well as other Legal Agreements.
Nos alegramos de que haya elegido Weezzo como su socio financiero! Nos esforzamos por ofrecer a nuestros comerciantes todos los recursos necesarios para la integración rápida y sencilla de nuestro módulo de pago. El Centro de Desarrollo contiene guías de integración, manuales, ejemplos de código y plug-ins carrito de compra. Además nuestros especialistas técnicos estarán encantados de consultar y ayudarle con la integración. Si necesita una solución para el usuario final diseñado específicamente para su negocio, por favor siéntase libre de navegar por nuestra sección Socios de Integración section.
In order to start registering your business with Weezzo, you need to first of all complete your Company Profile and have it verified. As soon as it's done, you can move to the technical side. Wallet API settings can be found in your account's dropdown menu in the "Merchant" column, and all other necessary information is in our Developer Center.
Weezzo proporciona una solución de pago conveniente que soporta diversas formas de pago adicionales, incluyendo crédito y débito, transferencia bancaria, los sistemas de transferencia de efectivo y terminales de pago electrónicos y monedas encriptadas, etc. Empresas aprobadas pueden solicitar la activación de estos métodos en la sección "Métodos de pago" en las propiedades del monedero.
As a payment method, wire transfers are available via manual receipt generation and on the Weezzo checkout pages. Merchants can find the supported banking payment options and activate the acceptance of payments from third parties under the "Payment Methods" tab of the wallet properties.
La creación de un proyecto de pago con Weezzo es una de las mejores maneras de organizar rápidamente los pagos masivos para su negocio desde cero. Básicamente, Weezzo proporciona toda la funcionalidad necesaria para un proyecto exitoso de pago incluyendo las siguientes funciones: pagos masivos, pagos programados, pre-solicitud de tarjetas, así como la automatización de cualquier tarea a través de nuestra API rica en funciones. Envie dinero con Weezzo a cualquier dirección de correo electrónico. Si el cliente no está registrado todavía, podrá inscribirse y recibir el dinero en el futuro.
Estamos encantados de ofrecer la posibilidad de utilizar la cuenta Weezzo para hacer los pagos más flexibles, no sólo a los clientes registrados con Weezzo sino también a cualquier persona física o jurídica, independientemente del país del beneficiario y el importe del pago. En este caso, usted puede utilizar los servicios de la banca en línea, la transferencia de dinero en efectivo, o cualquier método de pago disponibles para su retiro. Siéntase libre para automatizar cualquier tarea a través de nuestra API rica en funciones.
Además de la interfaz web, Weezzo proporciona todas las herramientas de la API y la documentación necesaria. Los comerciantes pueden encontrar una guía completa, con referencias de variables y ejemplos de código en nuestro Centro de Desarrollo.
Independientemente de la forma de pago que su cliente utiliza (tarjeta de crédito, banco o pago electrónico), los fondos se acumulan en su cuenta de vendedor en la moneda electrónica Weezzo. La mayor parte de los pagos que reciba son inmediatamente disponibles para su retiro, sin embargo, hay un período de espera de seguridad para ciertos métodos como tarjetas de crédito, transferencias bancarias, etc. Una vez que el periodo de retención termine, usted es capaz de utilizar cualquiera de los métodos disponibles para retirar sus ganancias.
If you have already verified your account, completed "Business Info" section of your wallet as well as integrated Weezzo payment services, you can start requesting additional payment methods. Open the "Payment Methods" tab of your wallet properties and apply for required payment instruments. Upon reviewing of your website and business model Weezzo financial specialists will make a decision on additional payment methods activation.

Cartera Weezzo

Users are able to tweak wallet settings as well as enable/disable supported currencies in the wallet's properties. Common settings include changing the wallet title, color, available currencies, linked emails, phones and messengers.
Your Weezzo wallet identifier can be found in the list of your wallets under the wallet title as well as on the wallet settings page. It is of the form WZ123456789.
Con el fin de aprovechar al máximo las funciones del monedero digital Weezzo, asesoramos a nuestros clientes y permitimos monederos adicionales en su cuenta. Simplemente añadiendo otro monedero, se puede dividir fácilmente sus pagos para los diferentes servicios, mantener registros separados de sus ingresos y gastos, así como optimizar sus tareas financieras.
Los servicios del monedero Weezzo contiene toda la funcionalidad necesaria requerida para personalizar la aceptación de pagos. Estas opciones se pueden encontrar en la pestaña "Preferencias de pago" de las propiedades del monedero.
In order to create additional wallets, proceed to the Wallets and Currencies section and click on the appropriate link to create a new wallet.